Who are we

Institute InPACTO, founded in 2013 in Brazil, is the fruit of a successful experience of the National Pact to Eradicate Slave Labor.

We are in charge of managing and expanding the actions carried out by the National Pact. Our purpose is to engage the private sector, civil society organizations, multilateral organizations and governmental agencies to prevent and eradicate slave labor in the production chains.

There are over 45 million people living in slave conditions around the world and the exploitation of slave labor is becoming increasingly widespread. Solving this problem requires a solid joint efforts involving mainly the private sector. Companies hold the economic control over the production chains. They have a great deal of power to change things and willingness to do that. In Brazil, many companies are in the forefront to fight against slave labor. They developed technologies and mechanisms of high efficiency to prevent it in their business networks.

InPACTO perform a number of actions towards several publicactors and companies, and mobilizes entire economic sectors to find ways to put an end to this kind of situation in their production chains.

InPACTO is an important and legitimate agent in the dialogue with business corporations so that they cantake action to struggle against slave labor in an efficient and strategic manner, bring many other stakeholders in alliance.

These are the objectives pursued by InPACTO

1. Raise awareness and mobilize the corporate world to prevent and eradicate slave labor in their production chains;

2. Provide the companies, civil society and the government bodies with instruments needs to avoid production and trade of products and services which, directly or indirectly, make use of slave labor;

3. Monitor the enforcement of the commitments undertaken by the associates;

4. Support social and productive integration of workers previously engaged in slave labor;

5. Link different groups and social actors so they can develop strategies, collective actions and act upon the public policies.


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